We have taken on the challenge of training Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and all that comes with it. From being mentally challenging, it is also physically challenging. We train hard and push our bodies to the limit. We take pain pills, use ice packs, get massages, and even take time off from training to alleviate any ailments that we may have.

The question is this, “How can we train with injuries without making them worse, and keep getting better?” First, we have to know if the injury is a serious one that requires time off or if it is one of those nagging injuries which just needs some time to heal. By all means, if it is a serious injury (ie. a torn ACL), we need to get it repaired, take time to rehab it, and then return to training when it is ready. If it is a minor injury, use this time to not use that part of your body much. (ie. a sore shoulder) Use this injury to work defensively by not pushing and look for angles to get into the position that you need. If your back is hurting, play the top game for a while until you feel better. To get better in BJJ, we have to stay on the mat and keep pushing ourselves and training smart!