A training partner is not just a person that you pair up with in class and practice techniques. For those that are new to BJJ, you will learn what a true training partner is and how he or she can help or hurt your progress in BJJ. Those that have been training BJJ for years know this fact. When you pair up with a partner to practice technique, look for a partner that wants to learn, is focused, open-minded, and is willing to be cooperative with you.

The ideal partner will allow you to practice the techniques as the instructor taught it. They will not fall on the mat with the slighest touch or without you doing anything. They will not resist the technique by pulling away, pushing you, posting a leg to keep you from sweeping them, etc. The training partner will give you the resistance that you ask of him/her. When drilling techniques, you need your partner to listen to you and do as you ask because fighting with you will not only frustrate you, but hinder your progress. If you have a partner that resists you and does not cooperate with you, let that be the last day with him or her and find you another partner that will cooperate and not resist. If you are fortunate enough to find a partner that is more technical, more experience, and a higher belt rank, you have struck gold. This partner can do as you want and he/she can provide you with more situations(what from the drill that you are training.

An instructor provides the student with the necessary knowledge of the technique and it is the student’s partner that will help him/her drill over and over until the movement is fluid. Your training partner can take you to the next level or keep you at your current level. Choose your training partner wisely!!