When you first start training BJJ, it can be a bit overwhelming. Some of the techniques look easy to perform and some are easy to perform. Besides the techniques to comprehend and being able to execute them, we become frustrated when we roll with more experienced students(some that are smaller) and they dominate us. How do we go train an average of three times per week and keep getting better? The answer is simple. Each class that you attend, you have to be 100 % focused on every detail that is taught.

Now, go practice with your partner and do every repetition as it was taught. This will help your muscle memory. Now, it’s time to roll. You really want to submit your partner or just beat your partner on points so that you can say “I won.” That is when you do not improve. When you roll with your partners, try to execute the techniques of the day. If you find yourself in the position, relax, and try to hit that move. You may be a little too late to execute your move, but that’s ok. Do not get frustrated that you didn’t move.

Look at it like this: You recognized the opportunity to attempt the technique. Recognition comes first, then execution follows. The speed and timing will come so that the more you are in those situations, you will start successfully executing your technique. You also have to place yourself in bad situations and work out of them, especially if you are a higher ranking student. This will make your BJJ game better and boost your confidence. Now, repeat this plan each time that you are on the mat and you will soon see that you are pulling off more techniques and that you are getting out of bad spots. Lastly, be patient with yourself!