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Kickboxing can be a benefit to anyone, no matter your age or skill set!

Kickboxing Kingwood TX

McCall Mixed Martial Arts exists to help every student discover a love for MMA and Muay Thai Kickboxing. Our qualified instructors have a passion for martial arts, and offer the greater Kingwood TX area with affordable and expert classes. Our facility is safe, clean, positive, and most importantly professional. Here is where our students develop their techniques and skills that will affect them for the rest of their lives. Is it our hope that you, like we have, develop a lifelong love of the sport! The methods and techniques you learn here will be useful for both self defense and martial arts competitions.

We have qualified instructors (5 years and more training experience) teaching all of our classes - and most classes are taught by a Black Belt!

The History of Muay Thai Kickboxing

Muay Thai is the martial arts that originated from Thailand; it's also known as 'The Art of Eight Limbs', and can be traced all the way back to the middle of the 16th century. It was then that the famous fighter Nai Khanomtom was captured by the Burmese during the battles between Siam and Burma. His captors, knowing his expertise in close quarters and hand-to-hand combat, gave him the opportunity to fight for his freedom. Having won the match and his freedom, he was permitted to return home, and his fighting style was recognized as Muay Thai.

The nickname 'The Art of Eight Limbs' comes from the eight points of contact used to mimic weapons of war. The hands mimic swords and daggers, the shins and forearms mimic armor, the elbow was to act like a mace, and the legs and knees became axes and staves. As the knees and elbows seek out weaknesses and openings, the entire body works as a single unit to bring down an opponent. Unlike most other martial arts, most of the focus on Muay Thai is on grappling and strikes, utilizing the eight points as opposed to two (normal boxing) or four (other fighting forms).

? Why Choose McCall Mixed Martial Arts near Kingwood TX?

  • Qualified instructors with 5 years and more training experience teaching all of our classes.
  • A comfortable waiting area in an air conditioned facility
  • Workout equipment and approximately 1900 sq. ft. of mat space
  • We have a waiting area, lockers, and we have men and women bathrooms along with showers.
  • Affordable, fun, and productive after school programs.
  • A low stress environment that puts an importance on having fun while training, yet being safe, and training hard.

See what our students have to say!

"First, I want to thank my trainers, Darren (Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu) and Jim (Muay Thai Kickboxing). Without them pushing and motivating me while giving me advice, I would not be where I am today. Training at McCall Mixed Martial Arts has improved my way of working out. I already did the whole working out at a fitness gym for 4 hours a day without getting the results I have gotten by working out at MMMA for 2.5 hours a day. I get a workout ten times better than lifting weights and running on a treadmill.

Training in Muay Thai with coach Jim is a cardio rush like no other from punching and kicking to using your knees. The non-stop workout will push you to the next level. Training BJJ with Coach Darren is where I get my inner core strength plus its a lot more fun than any old gym workout. I have been training at MMMA for 7 months and I have lost 76lbs. My body has had a major change with me losing inches and toning my arms and legs. Both of my trainers give me nutritional advice and I also want to thank the other students in the gym because we all push each other to meet our goals and surpass those goals. We are like a big family with arms wide open for anybody else to join our family."

Kickboxing Near Kingwood TX - McCall Mixed Martial Arts - five-stars

- Tony G.

Whether you're interested in trying Muay Thai Kickboxing for the first time, or you're a seasoned champ, we know you'd be able to benefit from our classes! Contact McCall Mixed Martial Arts today at (823) 375-9608. If you're in the greater Kingwood TX area, we'd love to see you stop by!